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Real Estate FAQs

(and answers)

1. How long do I have to complete the real estate course?

You have 6 months to complete the online portion of the class. For 3 months from your start date you may come to as many classes as you like without paying any additional fees, as long as there is space available. After 3 months, but less than one year, you can return to class for a reduced price. After one year you must pay the full price if you want to attend classes.


2. What happens if I have to miss a class?

You should try to attend a make-up class in the subject that you missed. You can make up classes at any of our six locations: Baton Rouge, Metairie, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Mandeville, or Monroe.


3. What is required for me to complete the course?

You must complete all course work, and you must pass the final exam with a score of at least 80% on the National portion of the test and 80% on the State portion.


4. What happens if I fail the exit exam for the class?

You may re-test. There is no limit on the number or attempts.


5. What do I do once I complete the course?

You must take the real estate licensing exam. The exam is given at multiple locations around the state and is offered daily. The exam is administered by Pearson Vue. You are given 4 hours to take the exam which consists of 2 parts, the National part and the Louisiana part. You must score at least 70% on both the National part and Louisiana portions. To register for the exam you must first turn in your license application, license fee, and school certificate to the Louisiana Real Estate Commission in Baton Rouge. After you turn in your license application you will receive an email allowing you to register for the exam with Pearson Vue. When you complete the class we will give you all the materials you will need to apply for your license and for the exam.


6. How much will it cost to take the state exam?

The exam fee charged by Pearson Vue is $78.


7. What if I fail the real estate licensing exam?

You can re-take the exam, however the fee to retake the exam is $93. We strongly advise that you be prepared before you take the exam for the first time. The best way to prepare for the exam is to attend all the required classes, take the practice exams – both in your book and by computer if available, use our computer lab if you are in the Baton Rouge area, and study!


8. How long do I have in which to take the licensing exam after I finish the class?

Your education hours do not have an expiration date, but if it has been years since you completed the course, contact the LREC to see if your education certificate will be accepted. We advise that you take the exam within a few weeks after completing the class. However, once you turn in your license application to the Commission, you will register for the exam with Pearson Vue Exams. They will give you an exam authorization which is good for 1 year.


9. How many times can I take the real estate licensing exam and how long do I have to pass it?

There is no set limit on the number of times that you can take the exam. However, if you do not pass both parts of the exam within 1 year from the first attempt, you must resubmit a new license application and fee. If you pass one part of the exam, that passing grade is only valid for 1 year.


10. How do I find a real estate broker?

The Commission does not allow us to recommend a broker to you. However, we suggest that you call several companies and make an appointment to talk to them. Each company has a slightly different program, and each prospective agent has different needs. You should try to find the company that offers what you are looking for and has the right work environment for you.


11. What are post-licensing hours?

The 45 hour post-licensing course must be completed within 180 days after you become licensed. The 45 hour post-licensing course may also be taken online. You must also complete the 4 hour mandatory continuing education course in the same year that you complete your post-licensing requirement.


12. What is continuing education?

All licensees are required to complete 12 hours a year of continuing education classes. This is to ensure that agents are kept informed of new laws that affect the real estate profession, and also to review the information learned in pre-licensing.

Post-license education hours may be used to satisfy eight of the 12-hour annual continuing education requirement; however, post-license education hours will not satisfy the four-hour mandatory continuing education topic specified by the commission.

We offer continuing education online, streaming via Zoom, and by classroom seminar.


13. How can I obtain a Real Estate Broker’s License in Louisiana?

In order to obtain a Broker’s License in Louisiana, a person must first be an actively licensed real estate licensee for four years in any state or jurisdiction, with two of the four years occurring immediately preceding application for a broker’s license. During or after that four year period, you must take another 150 hours. We offer the entire course in either a combination of live and online or strictly online.


14. What states have a reciprocal licensing agreement with the Louisiana Real Estate Commission?

Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.