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Class was amazing! You treat every student (past and current) as if he/she was your only student. Although I’ve learned a lot in classes since I’ve become a Realtor, you gave me the solid foundation that I needed. (And just think, I was driving the short bus there for awhile!) I will continue to recommend you to others, and I will never forget your compassion and determination to make each and every one of us successful! Having been an educator for nearly 35 years, I felt like you were one of the best teachers I have ever observed! In appreciation for ALL that you do.
Laura G.

I just wanted to say how thankful I am that I followed the advice of many friends who’ve taken your course and advised me that it’s the only one to consider when studying for the real estate exam. I took the national & state exams this morning for the first time and passed both, with flying colors! Your course was very informative, quite entertaining, and enlightening. I looked forward to the class every day, which was not what I expected after having been out of school for so long. The last thing I studied for was the CPA exam, over 25 years ago. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with every aspect of your school. Your staff is very helpful, the online study materials, quizzes and tests, along with the study booklets are well-organized, and the computer lab is a terrific complement to help students practice, practice, practice, for those exam questions.


I cannot say thank you enough to Burk Baker Real Estate School! Mr. Baker is one of the best teachers (if not the best that I have ever had)! He keeps the class fun & truly cares for his students! I PASSED both of my real estate exams yesterday & could NOT have done it without him!!!! You want the best… BURK BAKER REAL ESTATE SCHOOL IS IT! Thank you, thank you, Mr. Baker!

Laura S.

Burk & Lisa,
I want to thank you for such a great course for the Brokers class, I passed both portions my first time. See you shortly for my post education.
Stacie S.

I wanted to let you know that I passed both portions of the commission exam. If it were not for the preparation provided by you, I would not have succeeded so well. My study habits definitely improved!
Thanks again,
Terry C.

I cannot express enough my gratitude for you contacting me about my mistake in ordering online. You called me before I got to you!! Your action is an example of why I always use Burk’s CE services and recommend him to anyone I can. You cleared up a headache before I knew I had one!
Thanks again,
Danny W.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate y’all’s training courses. I took my salesperson class with Burk 4 years ago, and I just took my brokers course and test with y’all this year. I passed both tests both times the first time and well above the minimum score. Thank you for great study material and sample test, etc. I am now a broker because of y’all’s help.



Just a quick note of thanks. I took the test in Lake Charles this morning and passed both on the first round. Don’t quit your day job. You could do stand-up, but where would we be in Louisiana without all the fine agents you keep producing? Thanks for an entertaining and enlightening course.
Jeremy B.

I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for the 2 day review that you offered. I took the National Review on 4/12 and Andrew was a GREAT instructor. He was funny, and made everything so easy to remember. Thank you again for all the tips and tricks for remembering things.